Help ons om die lidmaatskap rekords skoon te hou asseblief

Daar vind daagliks gevalle van herregistrering van skuldbriefhouers wie, deur weereens hulle besondere in die aanlyn registrasievorm in die webperk te voer (soms keer op keer op keer!), vir ons administrasie probleme veroorsaak

Byvoorbeeld, or 6//7/8 Januarie was daar drie en dertig (33) “nuwe” registrasies deur middle van aanlynvorm toevoering. Vanuit die, was slegs nege (9) eintlik ware nuwe registrasies. Die ander was almal “duplikasies” en het ondersoek vereis asook e-pos navraag in somminge gevalle. Die meeste is uiteindelik geskrap

Ons vra lede wat alreeds geregistreer het (al hoe lank verlede) om ASSEBLIEF nie, vir watter rede ookal, hulle besonderhede weer in die aanlynvorm te voer nie!

Om leiding te gee, lees asb. hierdie V & A:

V: Waar in die webperk is die aanlyn registrasievorm?

A: ‘n Besoeker aan die webwerf blaai af tot by hierdie punt

Die aanlynvorm begin hier:

V: Wat is die doel van die aanlyn registrasievorm?

A: Om ‘n Nova Skuldbriefhouer te laat by NDCAG as lid registreer. ‘n Skukldbriefhouer mag net een keer geregistreer word. Eintlik, slegs een registrasie word benodig, maak nie saak hoeveel skuldbrief sertifikate die geregistreerder besit nie

V: Hoe weet Skuldbriefhouers dat hulle wel geregistreer is?

A: Hulle ontvang ‘n e-pos, outomaties en onmiddelik gegenereer deur ons stelsel, wat hulle regsitrasie bevestig. Die aanhangsel tot die e-pos bevat al die besonderhede wat die geregistreerde toegevoer het. Hierdie e-posse wys dat hulle van NDCAG Sign Up afkomstig is

V: Sal NDCAG ooit vir ‘n lid (Skuldbriefhouer/Debentures Creditor, Makelaar/Broker of Ander/Other) vra, om watter manier ookal, om weer te registreer deur middel van die aanlynvorm?

A: Nee. Die argief van geregistreerdes, so ver dit Skuldbriefhouers (Debenture Creditors) betref is die amptelike bewys van ons lidmaatskap wat, op ‘n toekomstige stadium, sal gebruik word om vir Nova te bewys dat ons wel ‘n betekenisvolle lidmaatskap onder die totale hoeveelheid Skuldbriefhouers het. Om dié rede, is dit uiters noodsaaklik dat dié rekord, ten alle tye, absoluut korrek en suiwer moet wees

V: Hoe sou ‘n lid persoonlike besonderhede in die record verander kry?

A: Stuur asb ‘n e-pos aan [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> met die nuwe besonderhede. Ons sal die veranderings in die rekord aanbring en n’ bevestiging deur e-pos terugstuur. Moet asseblief nie die besonderhede in die aanlynvorm toevoer dekend dat dit uitvoering aan die veranderings sal gee nie

Ons dank lede in afwagting van hul samewerking in hierdie verband

Last call for giving of proxies to Herman Lombaard/Roger Johnson of NDCAG

If you have not yet given your proxy to Herman Lombaard (or even someone else outside of NDCAG):


It’s not too late! Do it in the interest of all Debenture Holders!

If you have received the meeting notification email from Nova, the proxy form is at the bottom of the mail

If you have more than one email, do them all!

You have as many votes as emails received

Click on this link to go to our 30 December web site post with guidance on proxy form completion

At the bottom of this post there is an example of a completed proxy form

Please email your completed proxies to Herman Lombaard at [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> *** Don’t forget to date and sign the forms***

If you have not yet received an email or emails, from Nova, it’s also not too late to take action

Call them on 012 425 5000. Have your Debenture Certificate numbers handy. They will identify how many votes you have and send you the relevant number of emails. Then complete the proxies and send to Herman Lombaard – as soon as possible but by Sunday 9th latest

We urge you to participate – we need to defeat Nova on this one. If they don’t succeed they will be up against the CIPC who insist that the debenture repayment deadline is 20 January. If the vote goes against approval of J Tromp as the new Trustee, Nova will not be able to engineer an extension of the deadline and that may lead to CIPC forcing the issue

There are various scenarios that could eventuate but perhaps the best one for the Debenture Holders might be that the company be placed under administration. This might (or would?) side-line Connie Myburgh and his cronies and the focus of the business might return to its original purpose, viz REPAYMENT OF THE DEBENTURES!!!!!

Thank you

New registrations, repeat “registrations’ using the online form in this we site and changes to member detail


Once a person has registered with us via the online form, an automated confirmation response is sent via email – from NDCAG Signup. Thereafter, members must, please, not use the online registration form channel – for any reason whatever

If a registered member has a subsequent need to change any of the detail originally submitted, or any queries, they should please address us via email to [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> . We will make the necessary changes in the membership record

Repeated “registrations” via the online form create extra administration and also distort our membership total

We admit that we have not performed well as regards response to received emails in the past is concerned, but undertake to rectify this and respond promptly in future

We thank members for their co-operation in this regard

Our News Alert emails that present “black on black” and thus, are unreadable

We advise members that we are aware that the alert emails that despatch automatically out of our server on the morning following any new post in the NDCAG web site are presenting to the receivers in an illegible manner, ie; what appears to be black text on a black background

We have addressed this with our web site administrators who inform that the mails going out of the server are black text on white background so there is a mystery to be solved in order to rectify

In the meantime, the alternative is to go to the web site ( <> ) and click on Latest News or to check out the content in our Facebook Page: Sharemax Investors/Nova Debenture Creditors. Note though that at this time the content is posted to each site separately so it is possible that there may be a delay before same appears in the Facebook page

(Of course, the alert mails for this post will probably also appear black on black which might defeat the object of the post)

We enquire if any members are receiving the alert mails as white on black and if so, would they please send a short email to [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> to confirm. If there are such cases, we may well be in contact to explore possible email settings differences and so find a solution

Thank you


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