Please help us to keep our member records in order

Every day we have occurrences of member re-registration in the online form in the web site. Some members have re-registered multiple times and some even more than once in a single day

Each time that the fields in the online form are completed and submitted counts as a new registration

For example, on 6/7/8 January there were thirty three (33) “new” registrations input via the online form. Of these, only nine (9) were actually first time registrations. The rest were all “duplications” which required investigation and email query in some cases. Most of the duplications were eventually deleted

We ask members who have already registered (no matter how long ago) to PLEASE not, for whatever reason, re-input their details in the online form

To provide some guidance, please read through this Q & A:

Q: where in the web site is the online registration form located

A: From the home page, scroll down until the heading “PLEASE REGISTER AND GIVE US YOUR MANDATE” is reached. Scroll further down the page until the blank fields with headings, Surname, Initials etc. appear. This is where the online registration takes place. See Figures 1 & 2 in the screen shots below

Q: How do debenture Holders know if they are indeed registered with us?

A: They receive an email, automatically and immediately generated by our system, that confirms the registration. The attachment to the email contains all the personal detail that the person who did the registration has captured online. These emails show that they have come from NDCAG Sign UP

Q: Will NDCAG ever ask a member (Debenture Holder, Broker or Other status) to re-register via the online form?

A: NO. The archive of registrations, so far as its Debenture Creditor content is concerned, is the official record of our membership which, at some future time, will be used to demonstrate to Nova that we represent a significant percentage of the total Debenture Holders. For this reason, it is very important that this record must, at all times, be completely correct!

Q: How does a member go about changing personal information

A: Please send an email to [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> with the new details. We will effect the changes in the membership archive and confirm execution by email. Please do not enter the changed details in the online registration form. Such action is, effectively, a re-registration and will a) skew the membership numbers and b) require administration action such as checking, follow up, deletion

We thank members in anticipation of their co-operation in this regard




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