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The Nova Debenture Creditor Action Group has been established, primarily, to provide a channel for communications for the Nova Property Group Debenture Creditors, whether they’re already linked to or supported by another broker group or not.

We invite all Nova Debenture Creditors to register with us and to provide their mandate to enable us to speak and act on their behalf.

Our aims:

  • To establish a single point of entry for interactions between the Nova Board (the Board) and the Debenture Creditors
  • To obtain a mandate from a significant number of Debenture Creditors, if not all of them, to speak and act on their behalf
  • To have the Board recognize the Action Group as a representative body and agree to discussions and interactions with the Group in the interests of all the Debenture Creditors

We thank you in anticipation of your interest and support.


Die Nova Debenture Krediteure Aksiegroep is gestig, hoofsaaklik, om ‘n kanaal van kommunikasie vir die Nova Property Group Skuldbrief Skuldeisers of hulle alreeds gekoppel is met ‘n ander makelaar groep of soortgelyke, te voorsien.

Maar, ons nooi alle Nova Debenture Krediteure om met ons te registreer en om hul mandaat aan ons te gee om ons in staat te stel om namens hulle te praat en op te tree.

Ons doel is:

  • Om ‘n enkele punt van toegang tot stand te bring vir interaksie tussen die Nova Raad (die Raad) en die Debenture Krediteure
  • ‘n Mandaat van ‘n beduidende aantal van Debenture Krediteure, indien nie almal van hulle nie, te praat en op te tree namens hulle, te kry
  • Om Raad erkenning van die Aksiegroep as ‘n verteenwoordigende liggaam te kry in die belang van alle Debenture Krediteure

Ons dank u in afwagting van u belangstelling en ondersteuning.

(Alhoewel die inhoud van hierdie blad in beide Engels en Afrikaans angebied word, op dié stadium, verskyn verdere inhoud slegs in Engels. Ons vertrou dat dié sal nie vir Afrikaanssprekendes  onngerief versoorsaak nie)

Please register and give us your mandate:

 Conditions for Registration 
  • Only Debenture Creditors who are the physical holders of the assets should complete the registration form
  • If the Debenture Creditor has appointed a party or entity to act as proxy or under Power of Attorney on his/her/its behalf, and if communications should be sent to such nominee, the cellphone # and email address of same is to be inserted below and not those of the Creditor
  • Please complete all column fields
  • If you do not have a cell # or email address, leave blank but;
  • Feel free to insert the email address of a relative or friend as website updates and email messages will, initially, be the only channels of communication
  • The mandate to be given will remain effective until canceled in writing by the Debenture Creditor or his/her proxy
  • Fields marked * are mandatory (but please complete all column fields)
  • Note: by completing this registration form you warrant that you are a genuine Debenture Creditor or authorised representative, of Nova Property Group
  • We promise not to share your information with any third party and will use your contact details solely for the purposes of  keeping you informed of news and developments relevant to Nova Property Group and your Debentures Please Note that the default communication channel will be via email. At such future time as we might be able to communicate via SMS, this will be implemented

Click here to download Mandate Form: Nova Debenture Creditor Action Group Registration and Mandate form but, preferably, complete it online.

If you do complete the form manually, it may be emailed to [email protected]

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