Update on the Trustee voting & appointment

In an earlier post we provided the results of the voting at the meetings held on Tuesday 18th. Broadly speaking, the majority of the votes cast were in favour of the appointment of Mr Tromp.

Following the 18th’s meeting, there has been no formal feedback from Nova on the vote outcomes – ie; no communiqué posted in their web site (as was done after the 11 January meeting – and which we re-posted in our internet sites)

Why not? Should the Debenture Holders not have been formally advised of this or is this Nova simply falling back on their usual custom of not communicating, having achieved what they wanted out of the process?

In our posts ahead of the meetings, we stated that the whole purpose of the exercise was only, in the event of receiving approval for the appointment, to be able to tell the CIPC that they could now cross out two of the issues (probably) listed in the Compliance Notice issued to the company in November, viz:
– No Trustee appointment following Mr Cohen’s resignation in March 2019
– The deadline of 20 January 2022 for the repayment of the debentures

It came as no surprise to learn at week’s end that Nova had already communicated to CIPC that the appointment of the nominated Trustee, Mr J Tromp, had been approved, that he had assumed duties and that an extension of the 20 January repayment deadline had been proposed, approved, and implemented

We trust that CIPC will see these outcomes as the fiction that they are

Has Nova communicated the repayment extension to the Debenture Holders? Of course not! Will they? Of course not!

It’s all part of the way that they maintain a distance between the company and the Debenture Holders: keep them in the dark and only communicate when absolutely necessary (like having to get off the hook with CIPC)


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