The Villa – Business Insider Review

Business Insider posted a review of The Villa in December – accessible at:

It’s not at all encouraging and perhaps a significant statement in the article is the final paragraph:

“To date, all the neighbors have been told is that the project is still waiting for a cash injection.”

So, the neighbors receive communications from Nova? What about the Debenture Creditors?

The last communication published by the Board was in November, 2017 when they were looking to get the Debenture Creditors to vote in favour of the share listing and which has since been dropped.

There was a time when they undertook to publish a quarterly communication but these have fallen by the wayside.

Why? Is it because they remain unwilling to communicate with their primary debtors? Is it that there is nothing to communicate because they are not doing anything to resolve all the issues faced by the company not least, how to repay the investors –whilst allegedly drawing above market salaries. other remuneration and fees?